When Does Psychotherapy Help?

Therapy helps when something in your life is interfering with your ability to live deeply and fully. As a therapist, I work to address that “something”, so that you can live a more profoundly satisfying life.
Therapy can help you to resolve a particular problem, to explore your feelings or to embark on your spiritual journey. You may need help recovering from the experience of a recent trauma, such as a car accident or medical procedure, or you may wish to address long-standing emotional issues from childhood. The course of therapy can be brief or long-term, depending on your goals.

Therapy is an effective tool to help with:
Physical or emotional trauma
Anxiety about the future
Healing from childhood physical or sexual abuse
Physical ailments, chronic disease or pain
Sexuality and gender issues
Marital relationship
Family dynamics
Emotional insecurities
Career decisions
Financial stress

You may feel a need for change but you need help moving through the obstacles in front of you. Perhaps you are going through a major life transition. Nowadays, people are living longer and expecting more of themselves in careers and relationships than people did in the past. All of this can be confusing or disorienting at times.

Times of transition can be good times to seek professional help. Any change such as marriage, divorce, death, leaving home, the birth of a child, or the beginning or ending of a relationship, is made easier with a little professional help. The same applies to transitions in your work life: starting or ending school, changes in your work environment or goals, beginning or leaving a job, or retiring, can be challenging and therefore eased with professional help.

You may wish to gain additional insight and clarity into your life. Or you may feel the need to accept more fully who you are or whom you have become. Once we fully accept who we are and where we are in our lives, deep change can happen much more easily.

Something may be bothering you that is difficult to share with people close to you. You may have a problem that you are tired of dealing with alone. During each therapy session, I create a safe, confidential place where you can open up and express your personal concerns.

LEARNING NEW TOOLS FOR LIFE During therapy, I will give you new tools and techniques to help you address challenges in your life. There are numerous therapy techniques available today. After therapy ends, the new strengths and strategies acquired through therapy will remain with you, to use when coping with life’s inevitable obstacles and challenges. Therapy becomes not just a process of healing, but one of learning and growth as well.

The skills you acquire will help you to:
• Improve and enhance your relationships
• Make confident decisions and initiate desired changes toward future ambitions
• Improve your outlook on life
• Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
• Experience happiness, acceptance and overall satisfaction and wellbeing
• Rewire negative thought patterns and beliefs that have limited your personal growth, freedom and happiness

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